Battalion Washington Artillery

Civil War Roster of known images




(associated with the WA)

G. T. Beauregard

An unpublished image

The Washington Artillery earned the praise of General G. T. Beauregard from the first battle at Manassas and throughout the war.

So much so, that he donated his presentation battle flag to the unit after the war.


James Longstreet

signed cdv from WA cdv album

The Battalion Washington Artillery was often referred to as "Longstreet's Battery."


Henry Watkins Allen

Although a colonel of the 4th Louisiana Infantry at the battle of Shiloh where he fought with the 5th Company of the Washington Artillery, Allen would later become brigadier general and eventually governor of Louisiana. This post war image shows Allen using a cane. While leading his troops at the battle of Baton Rouge, Allen rode within 50 feet of the enemy's cannon and received a round of canister, crippling his legs so badly that he used crutches for the rest of his life.


Randall Lee Gibson

Randall Lee Gibson fought closely with the Washington Artillery at Shiloh as colonel of the 13th Louisiana Infantry and was commissioned brigadier general in time to command the 5th Company at the battles of Murfreesboro, Jackson and Chickamauga.




Washington Artillery Staff

Army of Northern Virginia

James Burdge Walton

Major 1861

promoted to Colonel; made Chief of Artillery, Army of the Potomac, November 1861;

Chief of Artillery Longstreet's Corps; appointed Inspector General of Artillery;

 recommended twice for promotion to Brigadier General by Beauregard & Longstreet; resigned July 1864.

signed carte de visite

image taken while Walton

was recruiting in Mobile in February 1863


William Miller Owen

Adjutant, First Lieutenant 1861

promoted Major of Artillery August 1863; assigned Chief of Artillery Preston's Division, Army of Tennessee;

reassigned to Washington Artillery April 1864;

wounded at Petersburg August 1864; promoted to Lieutenant Colonel 1865.

as seen in a post war painting attributed to Theodore Sidney Moise

as Major  (left) and as Lieutenant Colonel (center & right)


M. B. "Buck" Miller

Captain, Third Company May 1861

promoted to Major of Artillery; assigned to Virginia Battalion;

reassigned to Washington Artillery January 1864.

Captain Third Company May 1861 then promoted to Major of Artillery and assigned to a Virginia Battalion

then reassigned to the WA in January 1864


B. F. Eshleman

Captain, Fourth Company May 1861

wounded at Bull Run; promoted to Major of Artillery 1863;

promoted Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery April 1864.

Eshleman standing on right


E. S. "Drugs" Drew

Surgeon 1861-1865

present with the command in all its marches

and battles to the close of the war


C. H. Slocomb

Quartermaster 1861

resigned to command Fifth Company of the Western Army



Army of Potomac

Battalion Washington Artillery


First Company

Harry M. Isaacson


resigned August 1861


C. W. Squires

1st Lieutenant

promoted to Captain September 1861

then Major of Artillery, CSA 1864


J. B. Richardson

1st Lieutenant

promoted to Captain and assigned to Second Company June 1862


Edson L. Hews

Second Lieutenant

resigned June 17, 1862


Edward Owen

First Sergeant

promoted to First Lieutenant September 1861

and to Captain January 1864


George B. DeRussy

Sergeant, First Company

promoted to Second Lieutenant, Second Company


F. F. Case


returned to the ranks at his own request October 1861

then promoted again to Corporal April 1863 and Sergeant October 1864


F. H. Fowler


wounded at Sharpsburg September 1862


H. G. Geiger

Second Lieutenant

detailed to Quartermaster Dept.


E. I. Kursheedt


promoted to Corporal October 1861 then Sergeant Major April 1863;

to Adjutant with rank of Lieutenant 1864

(photo courtesy American Jewish Archives)


J. P. Mamico & Family


discharged January 1862


E. S. Ogden


promoted to Second Lieutenant, First Louisiana Artillery, April 1864


J. E. Rodd


wounded at Fredericksburg


H. L. Zebal


wounded at Bull Run and Williamsport, Md.



Second Company


Thomas L. Rosser


promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery;

wounded at Mechanicsville; advanced to General

envelope addressed to Captain T. L. Rosser while a member of the Washington Artillery

from Headquarters Cavalry Brigade/ Army of the Potomac



George B. DeRussy

Second Lieutenant

promoted from Sergeant, First Company

wounded at Fredericksburg May 1863


John D. Britton

Second Lieutenant

wounded at Sharpsburg September 1862.


A. G. Knight

First Sergeant 1862

present at surrender at Appomattox


Charles E. Leverich


appointed First Lieutenant, PACS July 1863


Walter J. Hare


wounded at Sharpsburg; present at surrender


Thomas H. Fuqua


transferred from Third Company, July 1861; promoted to Corporal, November 1862;

present at surrender.


Joseph DeMeza

Quarter Master-Sergeant

present at surrender


A. R. Blakeley


wounded, captured and exchanged at Second Manassas August 30, 1863

(image on left courtesy Confederate Memorial Hall)


Thomas E. Williams


wounded at Gettysburg; present at surrender.



Third Company

Merritt "Buck" Miller

keepsake locket with photo of Miller

Captain, May 1861

promoted to Major of Artillery February 1864


Andrew Hero, Jr.

Second Sergeant, May 1861

First Sergeant November 1861;Second Lieutenant May 1862;

First Lieutenant August 1862; Captain February 1864;

 wounded Sharpsburg, September 1862 & Petersburg April 1865.


Louis A. Adam

Second Lieutenant

resigned August 1861for special assignment Richmond;

re-enlisted as private August 1862


James Dearing

Second Lieutenant

promoted to Captain of Artillery, April 8, 1862;

 eventually promoted to General CSA.


Isaac W. Brewer

First Lieutenant

killed at Rappahannock Station


Howard Tully


wounded at Bull Run & Fredericksburg


Thomas H. Fuqua


transferred to Second, July 1861; promoted to Corporal, November 1862;

present at surrender


Joseph H. Demeza


transferred to Second Company July 1861


James W. Price



Fourth Company

B. F. Eshleman

Captain 1861

wounded at Bull Run; Major of Artillery 1863;

Lieutenant Colonel of Artillery April 1864


Joseph Norcom

First Lieutenant 1861

promoted to Captain 1862;

wounded at Gettysburg.


George E. Apps

Sergeant 1861

promoted to Second Lieutenant 1861 & First Lieutenant 1862


William J. Behan

First Sergeant 1861

promoted to Second Lieutenant 1863


David W. Pipes




Fifth Company

Army of Tennessee

Original ranks shown as members enlisted March 6, 1862


Irving Hodgson


resigned June 6, 1862

(courtesy Confederate Memorial Hall)


Culbert H. Slocomb

First Lieutenant

promoted to Captain June 1862; severely wounded at Shiloh April 7, 1862 and Jonesboro August 31, 1864;

present at surrender


W. C. D. Vaught

First Lieutenant

promoted to Senior First Lieutenant June 13, 1862; present at surrender


Edson L. Hews

Second Lieutenant

resigned June 17, 1862


J. A. Chalaron

Second Lieutenant

promoted to First Lieutenant June 13, 1862 vice Hews resigned;

wounded at Spanish Fort; present at surrender.


Abe J. Leverich

Third Sergeant

elected Second Lieutenant July 24, 1862;

promoted Senior Second Lieutenant September 19, 1863 by death of Lt. Blair;

severely wounded at Spanish Fort; taken prisoner at the fall of Mobile;

prisoner at surrender.


John Bartley

Fifth Sergeant

Promoted to Third Sergeant April 11, 1862; to First Sergeant June 4, 1862;

to Orderly Sergeant November 17, 1862; present at surrender.


Thomas M. Blair

Sixth Sergeant

promoted to Fourth Sergeant April 11, 1862; to Second Sergeant June 1862;

elected Second Lieutenant June 21, 1862;

killed September 19, 1863 at Glass Mills, first day of Chickamauga.


John H. Smith

Sergeant of Drivers

promoted to Sergeant; wounded at Kennesaw Ridge June 21, 1864;

present at surrender.


W. R. Barstow

Commissary Sergeant

detailed at surrender


John J. Jamieson

First Corporal

promoted Fifth Sergeant June 4, 1862; to Fourth Sergeant June 21, 1862;

returned to the ranks at his own request August 6, 1863; present at surrender.


W. N. Calmes

Third Corporal

discharged at Tupelo July 16, 1862- over age; on outpost duty 1863


Robert W. Frazer

Fourth Corporal

promoted to Sergeant June 4, 1862; wounded at Resaca May 14, 1863;

killed at Jonesboro September 1, 1864.


William A. Freret

First Artificer

detached to Tupelo;

promoted to Major of Engineers





Alexander Allain


promoted at Kennesaw Ridge June 1864; present at surrender.


Thomas C. Allen


promoted to Corporal May 7, 1862; to Sergeant November 1, 1862;

present at surrender.


Felix Arroyo


wounded at Chickamauga September 19, 1863;

present at surrender.


Ben Bridge


present at surrender


Jas. L. Browning


promoted to Corporal June 4, 1862;

to Sergeant August 16, 1863; present at surrender.


Ben Butts


absent at surrender; detailed October 19, 1863


Henry Chalaron


present at surrender


Jas. Clark


promoted to Corporal 1864; present at surrender.


C. C. Cotting


present at surrender


E. P. Cottreaux


present at surrender


Joseph Denegre


promoted Sergeant April 7, 1862; promoted Captain of Ordnance 1863.


Joe H. Duggan


promoted to Sergeant May 7, 1862; transferred to Fenner's Battery;

promoted to Captain of Ordinance; wounded at Shiloh.


A. M. Fahnestock


promoted to Corporal April 11, 1862; returned to the ranks of own accord August 6, 1862;

unfit for field service; detailed at surrender.


Charles W. Fox


promoted Corporal August 6, 1862;

wounded at Resaca May 14,1864;

 present at surrender.


Robert Gibson


promoted Quartermaster Sergeant July 25, 1862;

present at surrender.


Jas. F. Giffen


promoted to Corporal May 7, 1862; Sergeant January 21, 1863;

Sergeant Major of Battalion of Artillery 1865;

wounded at Spanish Fort April 1865; captured at Mobile.

(photo on right taken while recovering from wound.)


S. B. Herrman, Jr.



Stanford Higgins

Second Corporal

promoted to First Sergeant November 17, 1862;

died at Eagleville June 9, 1863 of fever.


Charles G. Johnsen


elected Second Lieutenant (Junior) October 2, 1863

after Lt. Blair killed in action; present at surrender.


W. B. Krumbhaar


promoted out of the company to First Lieutenant of Artillery November 1862;

Captain January 1863 and Major April 9, 1864.


H. H. Lonsdale


discharged May 26, 1862 for disability


H. J. Mather


promoted to Corporal 1864 

Guidon of the Company; present at surrender.


Henry M. McNair



David C. Miller


present at surrender


Sam B. Newman, Jr.


present at surrender


John E. Pugh


promoted Assistant Surgeon, CSA 1863


Emile Reichert


killed in action at Chickamauga, Ga. September 19, 1863.

(courtesy Confederate Memorial Hall)


D. A. Rice


promoted Corporal August 6, 1863; Sergeant March 1865;

wounded at Kennesaw Ridge June 27, 1864; present at surrender.


W. W. Sewell


promoted Corporal August 26, 1862;

killed at Dallas May 28, 1864.


Warren Stone, Jr.


promoted to Corporal June 1, 1863;

relieved at his own request October 20, 1862;

absent at surrender; detailed.


J. Winfield Scott


promoted to Corporal 1864;

wounded at Kennesaw Ridge June 22, 1864;

present at surrender.


Andy G. Swain


absent at surrender-on sick furlough


Tim J. White

promoted to Corporal at Spanish Fort; wounded at Dallas. May 27, 1864

at Golgotha Church, June 15, 1864; present at surrender



Possible Unidentified Washington Artillerists

(images found in WA cdv albums or images with WA badges)

If anyone can identify these images. please contact me.


(First Lieutenant)


1st Lt. Samuel J. McPherson of 2nd Co.

missing from the WA record after the Battle of 1st Bull Run

He enlisted with the WA on May 26, 1861 in New Orleans but resigned his commission on July 14, 1861

to accept a commission as captain of McPherson's Battery of the Orleans Howitzers of the Louisiana State Militia.

(Thanks to J. D. Rowan for the ID)

(pre-war dress uniform)


This cdv is believed to be of

Captain W. H. Rogers

Fenner's Louisiana Battery

W. H. Rogers (seated left) is seen here in an identified albumen photo taken 5 days after his surrender

(courtesy University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill)

Fenner's Battery badge of W. H. Rogers



Robert Leigh Claiborne

Point Coupee Artillery

Robert was the son of Colonel Ferdinand Leigh Claiborne (1809-1893) of Natchez, Mississippi and Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, where their plantation "Poydras Hall" was located.

Robert and his brother Louis were members of the artillery unit. Their father, Ferdinand, was colonel of an early war free-Negro militia unit. He was a nephew of Louisiana's first American governor, William C. Claiborne.

Famous steamboat captain T. P. Leathers married the daughter of the colonel.

(Special thanks to Erik McBroom for the ID)